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This post will focus on how to dress for a music festival because once you've got practicality covered, you can pretty much wear whatever fashion you want to a music festival.
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What To Wear To A Music Festival

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Last week I went to my first music festival, the 2013 Governor’s Ball. Naturally I thought a lot about what to wear, and since it was supposed to rain, I googled what to wear to a music festival.  There is not a lot of information out there and my search found vapid suggestions like Isabel Marant wedge sneakers, turbans and high-waisted shorts. Although, the comments section in this post was most helpful.

This post will focus on how to practically dress for a music festival. Because once you’ve got practicality covered, you can pretty much wear whatever fashion you want to a music festival.


 Theory tank, Free People bra, J. Crew shorts and hat, Ray-Ban sunglasses, Target wellies, life-saving poncho

1. Don’t wear anything expensive or important.

You will be sweating, surrounded by people drinking and eating. You’ll likely get spilled and splattered on (if you don’t do it to yourself) and your favorite tee may not make it out alive. Opt for cheap alternatives or older pieces you won’t regret ruining when you end up covered in dirt.

govball2013_nrstyles_what to wear to music festival

2. Avoid anything too short or too low.

You’ll be bending over, dancing and sitting on unusual locations. If you wear a tube top, you could be pulling it up all day, and a short skirt is restrictive and limiting. You can be sexy without it.


3. Shoes

If it rains at a music festival, your only option is rubber boots. Beyond that you will have soaked feet, or worse have to go barefoot because you lost your shoes in three feet of mud. At the Governor’s Ball plenty of people trudged through the fields barefoot or with their Converse ankle deep. Albeit widely accepted, there are plenty of sanitary concerns, and you could easily cut yourself on the hundreds of beer caps and other fallen debris. Wear wellies and your feet will thank you and you won’t have to throw away your shoes.


Even if it doesn’t rain, I still recommend a closed toe shoe that is comfortable to wear all day. You’ll be meandering around hills and in large crowds. Even without the mud, your feet will get very dirty and without coverage a passerby may crush a toe or two. Wear real shoes.


4. Pockets and small bags. 

You don’t want to be hindered by a weighty strap while dancing, so opt for deep pockets or a really small bag. Security lines are long at music festivals and they can be skipped when you carry very little with you. I stuck everything I needed in my pockets and bra. (That’s a poncho slung around my body in the first photo.)


5. Sun protection.

You may not be the youngest festival attendees, but apparently that doesn’t mean you can’t look like you’re still in college. I attribute looking young to a lifelong avoidance of direct sunlight. Hats and sunblock should be worn excessively. A hat will keep your hair under control and your face from being burned. Sunburn hurts and tans make you look old. Be smart. Cover up.



What to wear to a music festival is about being comfortable. It is not necessary to join the sea of high-waisted cut-offs and crop tops everywhere to feel great about yourself. Music festivals are about having fun, letting loose and not taking life too seriously for a few days. Don’t worry about whether the fashion photogs approve of your look. Your memories will be about the music, the people and your dry feet (where applicable).

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